Downloadable worksheets for crochet artists

Downloadable worksheets for crochet artists

Yes, I said it. Crochet Artists. Because what may seem so easy to us, is by no means ordinary. We take yarn and our tools and create the most beautiful and diverse objects, which would make any house glow.

To make our work a little easier, I devised two downloadable worksheets. One to keep track of any project, especially if you need to put it down for a while and don’t remember which yarn or hook size you used.

The other worksheet is a little positivity in your day: a crochet bucket list. You can list any projects and crochet techniques you want to be working on, and keep track of who and what inspires you to create your projects.

So tadaa! Here you go. You can find each worksheet below, and I included a printer-friendly greyscale option for both:

I hope these will make your creative processes easier and even more fun. Stay tuned for a post about my current and previous projects!

The worksheets, as everything on this site, are copyrighted. Personal use only, please.


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