Pattern review: butterfly-stitch prayer shawl

Hi again! Today I will discuss my other finished project from last week.

It’s another shawl I’ve been working on, namely the wonderful butterfly stitch prayer shawl. I’ve never worked this type of shawl before, but the instructions were very clear on how to set up your first stitches, and after that it is ‘just’ a four row back-and-forth repetition, ideal for combining with your favorite TV show 😉 I was stunned by the intricate pattern created in four rows! It really does look like a butterfly.

This shawl was a little more difficult than the XY scarf, because it involves a lot more counting and the mastery of a tight treble crochet, so I consider it of easy to intermediate difficulty. After a number of repetitions I chose to use a simple shell stitch for the edges. I used one yarn cake, a mixture of cotton and acrylic, of 200 grams/800 meters. I would definitely recommend this pattern, as I love my light, breezy shawl which I sense I will be using a lot!

Next time I will update you on a scarf I’m designing myself!


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