Forest hideout scarf

This scarf reminds me of the forest, with the subtle greens and blues. It is a relatively airy scarf, making it the perfect project for the upcoming months. The yarn is a yarn cake by Sostrene Grene, a Danish company which slowly takes over Europe 🙂 I love their yarns, this is a 100% soft cotton cake. The pattern is suitable for a-little-more-than-beginners, especially those familiar with the stitches featured in the pattern (including dc2tog, but the pattern provides a video for this)

Please refer to the Abbreviations and Stitches post for more information. Repeats are indicated using e.g. *pattern* twice or ^pattern^ four times: meaning repeat everything between the marks until you have as many repetitions as stated behind the mark. Changing colors at the start of some or all rounds is optional. For this pattern, work all stitches through both loops.


Row 1. Set up foundation single stitches; set up a even number of stitches to obtain your chosen width. Ch3.
Row 2. *dc2tog in first and third foundation sc. ch1, dc2tog in third and fifth foundation sc, ch1*. Repeat, skipping 1 foundation sc between each dc2tog. After the last dc2tog, ch1 and dc in last foundation sc (together with the second ‘leg’ of the last dc2tog). Ch3
Row 3. *dc2tog in first and second ch1-sp, ch1, dc2tog in second and third ch1-sp, ch1*. Repeat, using each ch1-sp for two dcs, the last dc made in the ch3-sp of round 2. ch1 and dc in same ch3-sp, Ch3.

Repeat row 3 until desired length or out of yarn, whichever comes first 😉    

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