Pattern review: Minerva tunic

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Today’s pattern review is about the Minerva tunic pattern, which can be bought through ravelry.
Which brings me to my first observation; the pattern itself is quite expensive. However, one of my friends fell in love with it, and I’ve never made any garment from a pattern, so I had lots to learn!

There was one problem though, which brings me to my first tip: read the materials list carefully. Here I was, with a lot of fingering weight yarn, while the pattern calls for DK or bigger size yarn. So instead of following the pattern in quite a relaxed way, I had to make do with the stitch, which was explained both in diagram and text, and measuring my model and my tunic fairly regularly. The other support from the pattern came from the very clear pictures, so I knew how to shape the different parts. When I finished this project, I was very relieved, because I lost hope of finishing it a few times throughout the process.

Assuming you can read and follow the materials list, it should be a whole lot better. The instructions come in 4 sizes, are easy to follow, and at the end of the pattern the final measurements are shown. The pattern, at over 8 euros/ 9 USD, is pricey, but worth buying if you want more insight into making garments. I used cotton yarn, which made for a very heavy but warm tunic, perfect for really cold weather.

The pattern also offers suggestions to customize your garment, making it into a dress or crop top, and includes a tutorial in making fringes.

Conclusion: expensive pattern, but very satisfied with the result!

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