Pattern review: South Bay Shawlette

Hi there! Today I will show you my most recent finished project (so many works in progress! do you have the discipline to finish one piece before starting on another? I most certainly don’t!). The pattern of this South bay shawlette can be found here.

To show the intricate design I chose to make this one in cream/white. The pattern is written clearly and is a two row repeat, which makes it easy to memorize the pattern and watch TV while crocheting away. It also means it is the perfect pattern to make it any size you want, which broadens your options in wearing it. I made mine a little bigger to be able to wear it like I do in these photos.Of course, you can also wear it like any other triangle-shaped shawl. All in all, a great pattern to work with!


  1. It looks like a virus shawl. Is it a similar stitch? :))

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