Colorful Mandala set

The colorful mandala pattern is a very basic pattern, in which you will learn how to increase in a circle in such a way that your crochet piece stays flat. It has a very wide range of possible applications, from potholders and mandala wall hangings, to bottoms of baskets and floor rugs. Practicing with increasing in the round is also a good preparation if you would like to make amigurumis, as they use practically the same technique.

This pattern is written in US terminology.

Abbreviation   Description
ch                           chain stitch
dc                           double crochet
dcinc                      dc increase (2 dc in 1 stitch)
NJ                          needle join

Round 1: Make a magic ring. ch2 and 11 dc in the magic ring. Cut the yarn, close with a needle join. (12)
From now on, every first stitch consists of ch2 with the new color, then a dc in the same stitch, together forming your first dcinc.
Round 2:  dcinc in every underlying dc, NJ (24)
Round 3: *dcinc, 1 dc* 12 times, NJ (36)
Round 4: *dcinc, 2 dc* 12 times, NJ (48)
Round 5: *dcinc, 3 dc* 12 times, NJ (60)
Round 6: *dcinc, 4 dc* 12 times, NJ (72)
Round 7: *dcinc, 5 dc* 12 times, NJ (84)
Round 8: *dcinc, 6 dc* 12 times, NJ (96)
Round 9: *dcinc, 7 dc* 12 times, NJ (108)
Round 10: *dcinc, 8 dc* 12 times, NJ (120)
Round 11: *dcinc, 9 dc* 12 times, NJ (132)

To make it into a basket, simply add rows after you’ve followed the flat pattern, but then without increasing. Do this for as many rows as you would like the height to be.

That’s it! You can (or have already) make yourself some colorful mandalas now. In my opinion they make the perfect housewarming gifts 🙂

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